Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekends with Whitney: A Jazzy Affair

I don't usually share my life outside of style & blogging with you all. I'm not sure why. I guess I didn't think you'd care. You still may not care, but I'm going to share anyway. :-)

Last weekend was extremely busy for me.  I spent most of the day working on a rally in my and then  hometown and preparing for an event I had to sing at. Yes, I'm a singer and guitarist. It's sort of my main "thing". I'll start sharing some music of my own with you all real soon. 

Photos from the event I sang at: 

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Whitney Sherell

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eight of Thirty: DOTS

Over the last week, I've painted, worn and pasted more polka dots onto things than I'd like to admit. So, that's all this post is about. Dots. I think I had a dream about dots attacking me last night. lol Ok. Enjoy the dots. 

No dots were harmed in the creation of this post. Just me. 

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Whitney Sherrell

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seven of Thirty: The Look for Less

Remember that show that used to come on the Style Network (back when shows about style actually came on there) called The Look for Less? I LOVED that show about as much as Super Market Sweep. I'm a sucker for great deals. 

The outfit I'm wearing today cost about $50 all together. I love when I don't have to spend a lot of money to get quality pieces. If you've notice, most of my outfits include something from Wal-Mart or thrift stores. I'm just not into spending thousands on clothes and as a freelance journalist and photographer, I can't really afford it. 

Moral of the story: Great style can be achieved at any price point. Ok, class is over! ;-) 

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Whitney Sherrell

Monday, April 16, 2012

Six of Thirty: No Fuss

It was one of those running around days and I had to do a photography session, so I needed to be comfy. And true to form, after my photo session I was completely covered in dirt. Thankfully, I was smart enough not to put too much thought into this get up. :-)

What I'm Wearing: 
Jacket- Old Navy . Tank-GAP . Jeans-GAP . Scarf-Gifted

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Whitney Sherrell

Monday, April 9, 2012

Style Influencer: Candice of Chic Savant

Have you ever run across a blog and instantly knew it was going  be one of your favorites? Well, today's Style Influencer, Candice, has one of those blogs. I first saw her blog on the Fly Girl Blog, she was the Fly Girl of the Week, of course.  After viewing one post, I'd decided to email her about a feature on MSF. After looking through her entire blog, I knew you all had to know about the Chic Savant.  She happily agreed to do the interview and I was so glad. I know you all will enjoy Candice's style and her views on fashion. Enjoy. 

The Chic Savant
For those who don't know, what is the Chic Savant? 
Chic Savant is a personal style lookbook. The blog features outfits that I put together for myself and share with anyone who is interested in viewing them! The blog focuses a lot on mixing high with low fashion—Maison Martin Margiela with H&M. In essence, Chic Savant is a source for style, creativity, and tips to enhance an individual’s personal flair.

What was your inspiration for starting a style blog?
I have always had a love for fashion so when it came to the type of blog that I wanted, there was no question. What really inspired me to start blogging was viewing other style blogs and thinking, “I can do that!” and here I am doing it!

What do you hope you will have accomplished with your blog after ONE year?
Hmm… that’s a good one. I started this blog really with minimal expectations. It was something that I thought would be fun to do and if I got a bunch of readers… cool. Now that I feel like it is growing faster than expected, my goals have changed slightly. The goal with my blog is just to maintain my own integrity with the looks that I present. I notice many style bloggers simply wear the “it bag” or the “it shoe” because they are usually paid to do so. My goal is to stay honest to my personal style and always be original.

Do you have any aspirations to work in the fashion/style industry?
I would love to be a stylist! I have been doing some styling here in Cincinnati, but would love to one day expand to a larger market.

Three words to describe your style are...
Chic. Inspired. Mine.

You wake up late for work, what is your five minute outfit and hair style?
That’s an easy one. I wear scrubs to work so it literally only takes me about five minute to throw that on. However, if I was late for say, a business meeting, my go to style is slacks or a nice dress. I always always add a blazer and heels. My go-to hairstyle is a wash and go when I’m short on time. I love to do more creative looks when I have time to play. My hair has always been one of my best accessories!

What is your style advice for working women? 
Never lose yourself in your outfit. Finding a signature look whether it’s a hairstyle or an outfit combination that works for you will make getting ready so much easier. Getting into a routine (not to be confused with a rut) and incorporating trendy pieces will help make sure that your look is your own.

Any last words?
Yes! Be sure to check out my blogJ Leave your comments and let me know what you want to see!

                                                             Thanks SO much Candice!

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Whtitney Sherrell

No Greater Love...

My Resurrection weekend was quite lovely. I spent time out in the community organizing a Justice Rally, sang at a Jazz soiree and sang at two amazing church services on Sunday. All in all, this was one for the books or at least for the blog. How was your weekend?

Whitney Sherrell

Friday, April 6, 2012

Three of Thirty: Split Second Decisions

Today's outfit was born because...well first let me say this: I'm clumsy. 

I woke up pretty early to get some things done and I even got dressed. Yay me, right? No. With fifteen minutes left before I had to be at work, I wasted a whole glass of juice on my shirt. I'm brilliant. So, I had like eight minutes to find, iron and put on my new outfit on. Thankfully, I'm doing 30 for 30 or I would have spent 30 minutes staring at my closet.

Listening to: "Our God" Chris Tomlin

What I'm Wearing:
Jeans-GAP.Polka Dot Top-Old Navy.Gold Medallion Cardigan-GAP.Shoes-GUESS.Jewelry-Sears

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Happy Good Friday!!

Whitney Sherrell

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two of Thirty: You Had to Be There

I loved this outfit in theory. Even when I put it on, I was still OK with it. However, in photos it just made me angry. It's kind of like a story that you're really excited to tell, but when you do no one reacts to it like you'd hoped. So, you say, "You just had to be there." That's today's outfit in a nutshell.  

But since I'm a style blogger I'm obligated to share everything with you. So, just know that this outfit isn't really bad, you just HAD to be there. lol 

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Whitney Sherrell

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One of Thirty: FRESH START

I'm super excited about 30 for 30 this time around. Usually, I lose interest in taking pictures after about a week, but I feel like the items I've picked are SO much fun that I wouldn't dare. 

Today's outfit just came together. There was no hoopla and that's how I like to get dressed. Of course this outfit didn't have a ton of elements, but it's a start. By day 30 I hope to dazzle you all with my style prowess (or  at least mildly amuse you). 

By the way, today was absolutely great. Nothing really happened, but I decided to have a good day and I did! Positive thinking is the best. 

What I'm Wearing
Jean Shirt-Vintage . Skirt-GAP . Shoes-Target Jewelry-Thrifted

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 for 30 Spring 2012

Although I haven't read anything about Kendi from KendiEveryday doing 30 for 30 this season, I've decided that I  NEEDED to. I've been on a shopping binge lately, but it doesn't seem to have resulted in any less mornings where I scream out "I have nothing to wear!" 
I think I'm in a style rut, so I need a challenge. That being said, I'll be doing 30 for 30 for Spring! 

You can always join me or just sit back and enjoy my 30 days of NO shopping (scared face!!) 

Here are my 30 items:

Whitney Sherrell