Monday, December 3, 2012

My Style: Forget Me Not

It has certainly been a while since I've posted  here. Forgive me. Life has been crazy. I'm working a few jobs (the joy of your 20s) and trying to get my photography business off the ground. No worries, I'm doing it all in style. However, I'm ready to get back to MSF. I miss sharing my great finds and uber stylish friends with you all. So, I'll be posting at least three days a week. Please hold me to this. Email me, text me if you have my number and even send a few pigeons my way. I love this blog and hate when I have to neglect it. 

Enough of that. My outfit yesterday was super comfy, which was a necessity for all that I had to do. From church to taking family portraits, I was ALL OVER. Yet, this simple dress and boots combo keep me warm and looking quite pulled together. What more could you ask for in an outfit? 


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  1. Love the dress, also, love the pics. Looks like youre having fun!

  2. Love your style! x