Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Style: God & Music

You know, if I could sing every day I totally would. Unfortunately, music (nor blogging) doesn't pay the bills yet. But I love doing it so much that if I never get paid, I'd keep doing it. That's passion, they say. 

Today, my church had a huge musical celebration where we musicians were honored. How sweet, right? I was totally grateful. We had to wear special colors and I was super amped when orange was thrown into the mix. I bought this orange blazer earlier in the summer, but didn't really have anywhere to wear it --I have this problem all too often. Church is the biggest event we small town folk have. I'm ok with that, however. 

Whitney Sherrell (@MusicLovher)


  1. I am in love with this outfit. That blazer looks fabulous!

    I totally understand when you said that church is the one thing small-town people have! I look forward to it at the beginning of every week! :)

  2. Awesome look Whitney! Also, MSF looks great...keep doing your thing!