Thursday, May 5, 2011

Style Influencers: Marquelle Turner

Today's post focuses on a young man who embodies each of the things MSF stands for: style, passion and sophistication. He is, indeed, a true lover of fashion and style.
I was able to ask Marquelle a few questions and he was gracious enough to reply with answers that every stylish man, and even woman, needed to read!

 MSF brings you the second series of Style Influencers with Marquelle Turner.

Marquelle Turner
Marquelle Turner is currently a Fashion Columnist for an online publication called FIRM magazine and a Male Fashion Correspondent for TruStyle TV. While proud of his many accomplishments, Marquelle asserts that, more importantly, he is "an advocate for the well dressed people of the world." Lovely, right? Read as he shares his style inspirations, his opinions on what every stylish man needs and more!

How would you describe your personal style? In short, I'd say my style is refreshing. It is a simple look that is complimented by bold colors and timeless patterns.

How did you discover your style? My style came as a result of self discovery. Getting dressed every morning is an opportunity to paint a new picture for a new journey. Each day presents a new slate, in which I paint with bow ties, knit ties, pocket squares and tailored blazers.

Who or what influences your style? Who isn't as reflective as WHAT. My style is influenced by my life and is shaped by my hope to inspire others to live freely and pursue happiness. It's much more than fabrics, garments and cuts! It's emotions, it's a lifestyle and it's a passion!

What's the one thing in your closet you can't go without? There isn't just one thing I can't go without. Style is a compilation of pieces that delivers one cohesive message. If you were to think of a movie, it is comprised of actors, a script, extras and of course a director. Each piece of my style plays a major piece that ultimately projects a theme or expression. All elements must be present!

In your opinion, what does every stylish man need in his wardrobe? Every stylish guy must invest in staples. Staples, just like the ones that hold together papers, hold together our wardrobe. They are the basics! The black slacks, the brown belt and the white shirt, just to name a few. Once you've invested in quality basics, you have a foundation to build on and a catalyst for growth. "A wardrobe is built over time, not purchased all at once." Don't get caught up in labels, get caught up in quality linens!

So, there you have it MSF! Marquelle is an excellent example of style as an art form.Style is SO much more than getting dressed everyday and he's proven it to us once again. Marquelle is truly a Style Influencer. 

If you want to see Marquelle's work be sure to check it out, here.

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Later MSF!


  1. Hello stylish man! Love the pink and green look! Great post!

  2. Perfect bow tie dude. Teach me lol

  3. I know this guy and he comes with it everyday. He is one network away from his destiny with greatness.