Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Style Influencers: Rachel StewART

North Carolina based artist, jewelry designer, musician and blogger Rachel Stewart is my first interview for MSF! She has a montage of talents which all work together to make her amazing an artist. I was able to catch up with Rachel amidst her very busy schedule to ask her a few questions. 

Who is Rachel Stewart? 
I'm a mom, artist and homemaker...and I'm stuck in the 80s

When did you decide to branch from art and painting to jewelry designing? 
About 2 year ago I really wanted to take a break from painting and try my hand at something else. It was a natural progression for me. 

What do you think it is about your jewelry that sets you apart from other designers out there?
 It speaks specifically to women of color, women like me who don't second guess what they like to wear.

After seeing your website, I see that you are not only an artist, but you're also a singer and music lover. How does your love for art and music influence your jewelry designs?

I like to incorporate my favorite songs and artists into my pieces. I have a necklace based ont he song by Zhane "Hey Mr. DJ". I, also, have earrings shaped like albums, cassette tapes, and some turntable earrings.  

So what is the vision for your company going forward?
I'd like to keep it small, but also branch out into clothes and other accessories.

Your style is amazing. How would you describe it?
Basically my style is..wear what you like and don't worry about another [person's] opinion of it.

Any last inspiring words?
"Stop asking for permission to be great"


You can buy Rachel's jewelry from www.RachelStewart.bigcartel.com 
There are new items and a sale going on NOW! 

Also, be sure to check out her blog and artist website!
And see some of my favorite Rachel Stewart items from this previous post, here!

A big THANK YOU to Rachel for agreeing to do this interview! She's awesome! 


  1. I just checked out her website, she is so cute and saw her wearing some of her Jewelleries. great work I must say :).

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  2. Yea, I love her style and jewelry! She's great!

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  3. Me too & I adore your blog!! Def one of my favs!!

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