Monday, January 24, 2011

My Stylish Friend: Jeffrey

When I started this blog back in October I knew that I had some friends in D.C. that I couldn't wait to feature. While my friends and family at home have a great sense of style, there is always something cool and edgy about city style. And when you mix city chic with Howard University students you get a fusion that is amazing.  

So, who better to feature in my first "My Stylish Friend" post since I've been back to HU than Mr. Howard University himself.  I loved the classic touches to this casual outfit and I was so excited when he agreed to let me showcase it on the blog for you all!

Here is My Stylish Friend Jeffrey:

I'm sure you'll see more of my friend Jeff on MSF! 


  1. The pocket square is a nice touch.

  2. Your friend should be a model ....Just saying :X